Vostok Exchange was created to showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of the rare watches from the Jet Age. With over 30 years of experience restoring vintage watches, Vostok Exchange offers something unique. The creator, M. Dubrovinskiy, personally restores each watch by hand to preserve the exquisite craftsmanship and rarity. Vostok Exchange is not only about selling rare watches; it is also about making history available for those who seek to add another piece to their collection.

Vostok Exchange was founded in 2016, but our history goes way back to 1929. We are a company that crafts and distributes watches based in Ukraine, where the best watchmakers from Russia and Ukraine have been re-imagining their craft. Taking great pride in preserving the Soviet watchmaking tradition, each of our watches is an exact reproduction of an original from the USSR. Built from new parts that are made to replicate the highest quality available during the era, each watch is hand assembled in Kiev, Ukraine.

We ship to countries throughout the world!


At Vostok Exchange we put our customers first. We are always open to hearing feedback from the community. Many times we've been able to have products based on what our users asked for. We aim to please and so we're always looking for feedback. We're here to serve you and give access to products that everyone will love.  

If you have any inquiries about our products or would like to check availability of an item, please use the support tab to get in touch with us.

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